a month of sundays

Roisin, Heidi and Kelly Ann are blasting through Berlin's brunching hot spots, Bezirk by Bezirk, and sharing the delightful and delicious places that make Sundays oh so much better without doing the dishes.

28 January 2010

Prepare for another 'Month of Sundays' - The Berlin Brunch Blog rides again!

Heidi is back in town from the wilds of Santa Barbara and we're ready for another month of sundays! We already made a preliminary visit to Hans Wurst in Prenzlauer Berg for some fantastic vegan goodies, and we're looking forward to new inspiration, new brunching locations and of course excellent food. Any veggie-friendly brunching suggestions will be gratefully received! We'll keep you posted... - Roisin

31 January 2007

DK and the Rex: Where it all started

DK (Dachkammer) - Simon-Dach-Str. 41, Friedrichshain and Rex Café - 432 S. Burdick, Kalamazoo, Michigan

2001 – . I had just left home and had found myself living in Simon-Dach Strasse. Lost, innocent and unable to fend for myself properly at that stage, I relied on friendly pizza and falafel guys to feed me on weekdays. This café took over the honours on weekends.

Promising a 'Frühstück - Wie bei mutti'* (it had evidently identified its target market pretty accurately), this cosy place was always crammed on weekends with other Berlin newbies. The brunch was pretty standard – bread rolls, cheese, cold meats, muesli and fruit, but I took great comfort that winter from sitting there, drinking Milchkaffee**, eating bowlfuls of vanilla sauce, and speculating about the future while the snow fell. - Roisin

Brunch was always something I took for granted. Starting in the late 1980s, my undergraduate university years, my habit was to crawl to the Rex Café in uncommon Kalamazoo, Michigan. Yes, Kalamazoo. For the fantastic price of 99 cents, you could get two eggs any style and a couple of slices of toast. It was the perfect response to whatever you did the night before.

By far the most interesting aspect of eating at the Rex, besides the marvelous knicknames given to you by the waitress, were your fellow customers. Or, rather, who your fellow customers were eating with. My ordinary Sunday morning brunch at the Rex was passed with a relatively steady crowd of people I hung out with in the 'Zoo, so that it wasn't often a shocker who went home with whom the night before. The other tables, filled with many familiar faces and members of local rock bands, activist groups, and drug dealers, were often put into unexpected combinations akin to a toy box filled with random pieces from different puzzles. You left feeling strangely satisfied with food, but slightly disturbed by all the new information.

Ach, a part of me is glad those days, and the Rex itself, are gone. The choice for brunching, the spread, and the anonymity of big-city living do have their benefits. - Heidi

*Brunch, just like mom's
**coffee with steamed milk, usually served in a bowl-sized cup

28 October 2006

Exx Bar-Cafe

Exx Bar-Cafe, Dieffenbachstr. 58a, Kreuzberg. Brunch €6.50.

Falling round the corner to a great buffet brunch is what every true Berliner dreams of. I am no different, which is why I find this place fantastic. The food is decent, the service good, and it was packed with people. What more can you ask? – Roisin

14 October 2006

Restaurant Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli, Benkertstr. 21, Potsdam, Breakfast from €2.

Why Potsdam? Well, we know that Potsdam is actually the capital of Brandenburg, but Berlin’s famous city magazine, Zitty, found it in its hear to include it in a recent review of Berlin’s celebrities, and we followed suit.

And what a genuinely good idea that was. We just wandered round the Dutch quarter and found this place. And hey, while it's not quite Josephine, I think it probably qualifies as our favorite plate breakfast location in the entire Berlin area so far. The atmosphere is intimate, the service great, and the food was more than satisfying. There may have been no buffet, but hell we didn’t need it. The cheese and vegetarian breakfasts were both more than satisfying, my 5-minute egg more than completed my experience, and my mouth was truly watering when I saw Hakim’s extra, a steaming, perfect croissant. It even managed to sustain Scott, a true Berlin club warrior, who had been dancing in true big-city style 'til 9am before he joined us. And he lasted right throughout our autumn Potsdam wander after. Great credentials for any breakfast place anywhere… - Roisin

07 October 2006


Cafe Atlantic, Bergmannstr. 100, Kreuzberg. Breakfast from €5

Our first brunch in a long time. Why, may you ask such a long an intervening period? Well, I was in Italy, visiting friends, then traveling with family and suffering the travesty that is the Italian breakfast (small coffee and stale croissant if you are asking). Anything would have been better than that crap, and I don’t care how wonderful Italian dinner is, I sorely missed the Berlin breakfast experience. So, when Kelly Ann suggested Atlantic, I quickly agreed.

I could not secure an early reservation, so I arrived a half an hour early, and with some excellent Dublin table skills managed to get a good one. Our service was understanding, attentive, and truly excellent. However, I still can’t get over the disappointment of being confined to what is on the menu. I was ironically entertained by what they described as an Italian breakfast (nobody in Italy would go anywhere near such a thing that early), but did genuinely desire the excellent selection of cheese and olives that entailed. Unfortunately, that also entailed taking the meat, and while I will occasionally dip in I would prefer not to. Buffet brunch providers of Berlin, where are you…? Mail us!!! – Roisin